Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we hate how expensive bike parts are, but we believe bikes are made to have fun on. For this reason PNW Components was started. Having a team with decades of experience working for the top bike brands in the industry, the PNW team has created strong relationships with leading manufacturers. What this means for you is high quality parts for a fraction of the cost, leaving money in your wallet to do other things with. Like buy burritos. We love those too.

We've created a unique business model that benefits you directly. There's a few ways we're different:

1. Our team has proven success in the industry. Having worked for brands like Specialized, Trek, Marin & Sram, we have experience working with innovative leaders and their manufacturing partners. These leading companies have taught us the ins and outs of delivering high quality product with a focus on what riders want. That may sound simple, but you'd be surprised how that can be easily forgotten. 

2. Low overhead costs. Funding world cup race teams, getting full-page spread ads in magazines and hiring marketing or branding consultants is expensive. Like, really, really expensive. These costs then need to be paid back through the sale of product. We don't expect to be a marketing powerhouse, we instead want to attract you with the quality of our parts and the super aggressive pricing we offer. We hope you then tell your friends. This is our form of marketing and we hope you find it compelling.

3. We sell direct. By selling directly to you through our website or a few other choice sellers, we cut a major piece of the sales channel out. The typical model is that you have a team of sales people; some of which are on the road visiting dealers and some in-house taking orders. These sales folks not only need a salary but a commission for their selling performance too. Your selling partners then need to make a profit otherwise they have no interest selling your product. As a company, you need to make enough profit to pay for this sales staff, all the marketing costs we talked about above, the typical costs associated with running a company and enough profit to finance future product development. By the time the product makes its way all the way to you, the cost has been increased a lot. 

We get our parts directly from manufacturers, don't have a large sales staff, focus on online marketing and sell direct to customers through our website or a few larger distributors. This strategy changes the way most brands do business and is similar to how many brands in other industries have been successfully doing things for years.

4. Approachable product in mind. Not everyone is an elite level racer or professional bike mechanic, nor strives to be. We choose and develop products that are easy to install, easy to service and work consistently time after time. Our parts happen to work at the same level of our competitors, but don't require intensive tuning or frequent servicing, allowing you to focus on having fun on your bike with your friends. Isn't that what riding should be about anyway? 

5. Customer input appreciated. Lastly, without you as our customer, we're just a business concept and some products, but not a real company. We feel having great products and an experienced team isn't enough, therefore we value your feedback and take it very seriously. If you ever have an idea for a new product or feedback that would make our existing product better, please let us know. We don't pretend to know everything and aren't scared to hear how you really feel. Seriously, holler at us! 

This is a start of our list, but more will continue to develop. We hope you like our products and make sure to stay tuned as we continue to release more products. And like I mentioned, if there's anything you see missing in our product lineup that you want, let me know!


Aaron Kerson, Owner