PNW Components Now Offers Lifetime Warranties

PNW Components Now Offers Lifetime Warranties

"When Emily and I started PNW we wanted to create the most customer-centric brand in the bike biz. With the seemingly endless selection of brands and products on the market, the fact you have trusted us with your purchase is something we take extremely seriously and are sincerely grateful for.

We've fantasized about this since day one and we're ecstatic to announce we will be offering a lifetime warranty on our full line of components for both new and existing customers. If we're all in with hooking you up with the best experience we can think of, then we believe that needs to be reflected in our warranty policy too. 

This is one of many exciting announcements we have coming but, in the meantime, I want to thank you for your trust and support!"

- Aaron Kerson, PNW Components Co-Founder 

PNW Components Offers Lifetime Warranties

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