Testing the Coast Dropper Post with Kyle Warner

We sent a Coast Dropper Post to PNW Squad member Kyle Warner so he could let us know what he thinks about it's design and function. Kyle, being the awesome guy that he is, wanted to find a permanent home for the Coast and decided to work with his neighbor Darcy, an up and coming high school racer, to put this project together. 

Darcy recently switched from riding a full suspension mountain bike to a hard tail, and while the Coast Dropper Post isn't intended to completely replace rear suspension, Kyle had a feeling that the Coast could help Darcy handle some of the larger vibrations and bumps that come with racing Cross Country. Find out if the Coast Post made a lasting impression on this young racer and found a permanent home on Darcy's bike by watching the video below and then subscribe to Kyle on YouTube for more reviews and insight into the MTB industry!  


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