I gotta say, building this brand over the past few years really has been a blast. I've been able to personally interact with thousands of riders over email, phone and in person.

It is my strong belief that taking care of customers and treating them well is the number one most important thing you can do for building a successful company. It's easy to say rapid expansion, obsession with gross margins and maximum market penetration are the best signs of a successful company (and they obviously contribute in a significant way) but having customers who are happy with your brand and feel they've been treated well is invaluable.

We've also been able to capture some really important data about our products' performance over time. We average only a 1-2% product defect rate which is extremely low. We pride ourselves on bringing reliable products to market at affordable prices, and this bit of data validates that - but it also calls into question one of our own policies. While a 1-year warranty is pretty standard for these types of components, we have the utmost confidence in our products and feel like a 3-year warranty term is much more appropriate and fair to our customers.

We are really happy to announce this change in policy (and yes this includes any purchases already made with us). We'll continue to make strides and push ourselves to be the company with the most satisfied customers in the market. If you have ideas of what you'd like to see out of us, please let me know! Or maybe we could have handled a situation with you better and you'd like to talk to me about it. Please, feel free! The most useful feedback is negative feedback because we can then work on becoming even better.

For more details on our warranty, please visit our warranty page.

Thanks for the time and for your support,

-Aaron Kerson, CEO