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Premium grade die-cut vinyl transfer decals, sized perfectly for application on the Loam Carbon Handlebar. Simply apply the color-match decal over the stock logos to add a splash of color to your bars. These little color pops are printed with UV-protected inks and are sure to stay true to color for years to come.

Decals included in kit: 

  • 3 small PNW
  • 3 large PNW
  • 1 DO BIKES 
  • 1 PNW Triangle Logo


The Loam Transfer Decal kit is designed to add color-match pops of color to the Loam Carbon Handlebar. However, who are we to stop you from applying them to other things like bike racks or bathroom stalls, we’re not the sticker police.

Note: For ideal decal application, install your PNW Decals after you have installed your Loam Carbon Bar.

  1. Clean the desired installation area with an alcohol wipe to remove any dirt, debris, or oil. 

  2. Slowly peel off the backing paper from the decal, ensuring each decal bit remains on the plastic top film. 

  3. Once the alcohol is dry on the installation area, align the PNW transfer decal with the corresponding PNW graphic found on your handlebars.

  4. Apply the decals, rubbing each letter for 5-10 seconds each, this will remove any air bubbles under the decal.

  5. Slowly peel off the plastic film, ensuring that each letter stays adhered to the handlebar.

  6. Gently press each letter as you go to ensure they are fully adhered to the handlebar. 

  7. Well dang, look at your fresh colorful PNW Loam Carbon Handlebars!